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  The Institute was founded in July 2, 1964, when it was directly under the Ministry of Culture Institute of the Shanghai Film mechanical design. 1965 designated as a unit directly under the Ministry, the Ministry of Industry as the first mechanical design of the Shanghai Film Machinery Research Institute. 1969 moved from Shanghai to the Linxia, for the first Ministry of Machinery Industry Machinery Institute Linxia movie. 1981 Linxia move to Qinhuangdao, 1983 State Science and Technology officially named the Ministry of Machinery Industry approval Qinhuangdao audio-visual technology research center in 1987 was renamed Ministry of Machinery Industry Machinery Research Institute, Qinhuangdao audio.

  The total of the 280 employees, 137 technicians, 28 senior engineers, a professor Engineering 8. An area of 25,000 square meters, construction area of 24,000 square meters, fixed assets of more than 1,500 yuan.

  Thirty years, has made more than 300 scientific and technological achievements, of which more than 60 awards, training and exercise a number of personnel. That the industry enjoys high reputation for the film business, education and culture office industry have made historic contributions to the development.

  Institute of Technology as an industry, I have long been planning decisions for the country, who has spared no effort made the work of industry technology efforts. So far, complete the technology development and planning issues 56, 44 issues of intelligence, the standard issue more than 130; technical supervision in the industry, product testing, it is also a lot of work by the industry, enterprises and users.

  "Film Machinery and EDUCATIONAL Quality Supervision, Inspection Center" located at the Institute. Technical services available are: optical, mechanical, electrical products in the design and processing; technological transformation and maintenance of audio-visual equipment; more product sales and support services; cinema and the design and construction of cultural facilities; audio-visual product inspection and measurement .

  In 2003, China National Machinery Equipment Corporation was institutional reform, I have and Shenyang Academy of Instrumentation Science were reorganized, so as I have injected new vitality, in order to expand business scope, I set up a cleaning company that specializes in contract various types of industrial cleaning engineering services, specifically for the petroleum, chemical, power, municipal areas such as pipelines and industrial boilers and some cleaning of the container outer wall cleaning operations, we use the production of Shenyang Institute of sinks instrument Bo card washing machine, the device has cleaning, high efficiency, good effect, no pollution, no pipeline, environmentally friendly energy saving advantages.

  We would like to use our passion, for all the friends service. Brought from our hands to create you and our beautiful tomorrow!

  In the future, I have full confidence of all workers, forge ahead in unity, be sure the audio of the construction of a better tomorrow.
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