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 The Product Quality Test Centre for Film and Audio-visual Machinery of the Machinery Industry

  The product quality test centre for film and audio-visual machinery of the machinery industry is the product quality test organization authorized by the China Machinery Industry Federation, leaded by the the China Machinery Industry Federation in businiess area and by the Qinhuangdao Audio-visual Machinery Institute in administration area. It has independent organizational system and can develop its own business.
  Over the past twenty years¡¯ developing, it has formed a complete testing system and management system. And it achieved the testing organization investigation approval certificate of the China Machinery Industry Federation and the metric attestation cetificate of the National Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.
  The main function of the Product Quality Test Centre: undertake the work of quality supervision and inspection for the products of Film and Audio-visual Machinery of the Machinery Industry (including customer entrust inspection and supervision and inspection ordered by the authorities). It also involved in the work of formulating and revising both the national and industrial standards, as well as testing the standards.
  Quality policy: detecting according to the law, honesty and credibility, scientific and accuracy, and better sevices.
  Quality commitment:
  Based on fair and justice, be honest and strict in discipline.
  Base on ensuring the quality of the test work, take the scietific methods and accurate statistics.
  Base on high-quality and effective services, obey the contracts and keep the secrets.
  Range of detecting:
  16mm film projection equipment (including lens), 35mm film projection equipment (including lens), slide projector and projection equipment (including lens), reflector and transmission projection screen.
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